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Welcome to Higher Standards Group LLC. We are a Company with a heart; vision and passion to help both client and employee succeed at Higher Standards. In an effort to raise the standard, not only do we partner individually with our clients and recruits, but we partner collaboratively in an effort to close gaps. We don’t only educate ourselves on the needs of our clients and their processes, but we also educate ourselves on the needs and skill set of our recruits and help raise them to the Standard that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. We reinvest into our recruits and clients in an effort to build a strong and long lasting relationship and career.

At Higher Standards, we build leaders and team players who are educated on the basic fundamentals on the importance of team play. We utilize our own resources with a combined experience of over 30 years of building strong leaders and team players. Our CEO has experience across multiple diverse industries, along with his partners and supporting casts that personally attend and teach classes engineered to build the best possible teams and leaders in your specific industry, pre-employment and thereafter.

Here is an excerpt from Forbes Magazine written 10/01/12:

It takes great leadership to build great teams. Leaders who are not afraid to course correct, make the difficult decisions and establish standards of performance that are constantly being met – and improving at all times. Whether in the workplace, professional sports, or your local community, team building requires a keen understanding of people, their strengths and what gets them excited to work with others. Team building requires the management of egos and their constant demands for attention and recognition – not always warranted. Team building is both an art and a science and the leader who can consistently build high performance teams is worth their weight in gold.

At Higher Standards we professionally recruit the nation’s top prospects and help take them to Higher levels.
We welcome all to join in on our Blog with recommendations, ideas, experiences and concerns you have faced in hostile environments that had poor leaders and weak teams. What were some your challenges and what do you believe the impact was to the company…