Higher Standards Group

In a world of relativity, Higher Standards Group is brave enough to hold its candidates to an absolute! Our candidates are handpicked by our executive team based on the candidate’s expertise, corporate experiences, proven ability to execute effectively and their dependability. The decision to partner with a candidate is not only based on the above-mentioned qualifications, but also on our mutual business goals, core values and the candidate’s ability to enhance our client’s organization and its branding.

Here at Higher Standards we value:

The ability to demonstrate a high degree of commitment – taking personal ownership of all aspects of the job, being familiar with the appropriate business acumen of the times and communicating clear expectations.

The ability to effectively complete an assignment without compromise.
Team-players – The ability to productively work in a cross-functional capacity with a diverse group of employees to achieve a common goal.

The innate capacity to organize one’s own work, versus one who needs constant guidance to perform day-to-day activities and the ability to overcome minor challenges that arise in the course of business.

Positive attitude
The presence of a team spirit and good morale at all times. The ability to handle sensitive issues with a sense of priority, which leaves all parties with their dignity intact.